Matt Hodkinson

FIIG Securities

A product journey for bond investing


A design for product onboarding and retention through education and relationship building.

FIIG Securities is a corporate and government bond broker. We designed a HiFi prototype bond journey that would be the vision for the future state digital experience of the company, building out components of the design as MVP and releasing them to production - All with the target vision in mind.


Adobe XD
Pen & Paper
Axure RP
Adobe Photoshop
Visualising portfolio returns
Dashboarding for prospects and customers

The problem:

  • Bonds are difficult to understand.
  • The decision making process is lengthy - Investing can me a major life decision and a high minimum investment demanded a personal touch.

We created a series of journey maps with one overarching journey map that formed the guide for the initial prototype. The design solution enables the customer to build up a knowledge of the bond asset class and become confident with the brand, to eventually action a trade digitally.

The overarching journey map
Newsletter sign up to being nurturing
Bond search functionality

Faced with the difficult challenge of getting users confident with bonds because of a large financial commitment and a need to understand risk, a solution was designed that would show what holding a bond portfolio is like, without having to sign up - leading to sign up when a user opts to save their 'sandbox' portfolio.

A sandbox portfolio
Serving tailored content to the customer based on what is learned about them through the onboarding process
Building a relationship with staff through one to one conversation that is complimentary to the traditional behaviour of making a phone call
Actioning a trade